How commissions work

Along with individual pieces for sale in my online store I am happy to take commissions for small sets and dinnerware place settings for homes, restaurants and coffee shops. This could mean anything from sets of mugs, sets of individual pieces like bowls or plates or full scale place settings. 

Due to the cyclical nature of the making process from throwing the piece, to finishing, to firing to bisque, glazing and final firing, commissions will be accepted based on my ability to complete them over a monthly period. If I am unable to take your commission at this time you can choose to be placed on a waiting list which will be addressed first in the new making period.

All sets and commissions are a collaboration between your ideas and needs and me, the maker. I work with a certain vocabulary of forms and colors and while I am happy to dialogue with you about achieving your vision, I hope ultimately to be able to make you a product that is sincere to what I make.


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Describe briefly your commission request including numbers of each piece.

Follow this link to the Braddock dinnerware commission page. Thank you!